What Do I Do About Medicare If I Work Past Age 65?

Many people choose Medicare when it comes to health insurance during retirement. Most people enroll in Medicare around their 65th birthday as this is the time when you’re first eligible. In fact, many people will be automatically enrolled in Medicare around their 65th birthday.

However, some people still choose to work past their 65th birthday, meaning that they most likely have health insurance from their employer. Let’s talk about what some options are if you’re finding yourself in this situation.

Delaying Coverage

One option if you have employer coverage is to delay your enrollment. There are certain circumstances that will allow someone to qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. This means that you can wait to enroll, effectively skipping your Initial Enrollment Period. This is a great option if you’re satisfied with your employer health insurance and you don’t have any need for another health insurance policy.

Medicare and Employer Coverage

While it is possible to delay your coverage, this isn’t the best option for some people. Did you know that it’s possible to be duel enrolled in both Medicare and another health insurance policy? This means that you can start the Medicare enrollment process while still receiving your employer health insurance.

This is a great option for many because it means that you’ll have a large amount of health insurance coverage. If you can afford to be enrolled in two health insurance options, then this might be the right choice for you. This is an excellent way to maximize your coverage and make sure that you’re saving as much money as possible when it comes to medical bills.

If you enroll in Original Medicare, then you may want to use your employer health insurance for things like dental, vision and hearing coverage.

Learn More About Medicare Enrollment Today

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