Dental, Vision, & Hearing

When it comes to dental, vision, and hearing coverage, it’s important you understand that Medicare won’t always cover these services. If any coverage is provided, it’s usually due to a special circumstance.

Let’s go over the coverage you can expect!

Dental Coverage

Original Medicare (Part A and B) will provide very limited coverage for dental services. If you need basic dental coverage, such as for services like checkups, fillings, cleanings, or even dentures, then you should consider a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan that provides this additional coverage.

If you prefer to stay with Original Medicare, you will not receive this coverage. The only way you would receive coverage for a dental service is if it was medically necessary and needed for a Medicare-approved health service.

With this in mind, you can always purchase a standalone dental insurance plan so you can get the coverage you need that’s not provided by Original Medicare.

Vision Coverage

Original Medicare will not pay for eye exams, contacts, or glasses, that is unless they are necessary after you have had cataract surgery. You can also receive coverage for a glaucoma screening once every year, but only if you are at high risk for glaucoma. Medicare Part B will even provide coverage for other diagnostic tests and treatments if it will benefit the overall health of your eyes.

You can also receive coverage for eye prostheses.

If you are looking for coverage for standard eye exams, multiple pairs of glasses, or contacts, then you should consider a standalone vision insurance plan or a Medicare Advantage plan that offers this coverage.

Hearing Coverage

With Original Medicare, don’t expect coverage for hearing aids. However, you can expect coverage for certain hearing tests, such as hearing and balance exams. You can purchase a dental, vision, and hearing insurance plan that will help provide coverage for hearing aids, routine exams, and other services.

Some Medicare Advantage plans may also provide hearing benefits, but make sure to confirm the coverage provided with the plan.

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