Does Medicare Pay For Physical Therapy?

If you’ve had an injury, a recent surgery, or you are dealing with pain in a certain area of the body, a doctor may recommend that you seek treatment through physical therapy. Physical therapy involves exercises to help strengthen weak areas, regain lost mobility, or prevent a condition from getting worse. If you have Medicare, you may wonder if you’ll have this service covered. Fortunately, Medicare offers coverage for physical therapy.

What Part Of Medicare Covers Physical Therapy?

Medicare Part B covers physical therapy because physical therapy is an outpatient service. Part B is responsible for covering 80% of your physical therapy costs after you meet a $233 deductible.

How Much Will Physical Therapy Cost?

Physical therapy costs vary. Some doctors charge more than others for the same service, and not all doctors accept Medicare. If a doctor doesn’t accept Medicare, you will be charged the full amount. That is why it’s encouraged to check beforehand. The facility type can also have an impact on cost.

What Can I Do To Save On Costs?

Aside from choosing a doctor who offers lower rates, you can use other insurance or supplemental insurance coverage to help further reduce costs. Medicare will coordinate with other insurance (such as employer health insurance) to bring costs down. If you have employer group health insurance alongside Medicare, one policy will cover as much of the physical therapy costs as it can, followed by the other (order depends on how many employees your employer has).

Medicare Advantage is a form of Medicare offered through private insurance. It’s comprehensive and is legally required to cover everything that Original Medicare does. It covers a broader range of services (such as dental, vision, and hearing), and may provide lower costs for certain treatments. Most plans have a coverage network, so it is imperative that you make sure your physical therapist accepts your particular Medicare Advantage plan.

If you don’t have other alternate forms of coverage, you may want to consider a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap). Any Part B-covered service has to be covered under Medigap, too. Medigap handles what it can of leftover costs after Medicare has paid its share – in some cases, this effectively eliminates out-of-pocket spending.

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